Vision, Mission and Values

Why we do it

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to contribute to a high quality of life through choral music for all.

Our Mission Statement

ChorSymphonica performs unique choral concerts for the enrichment, education, and inspiration of equitably diverse audiences.

Our Core Values

  • Choral music is a necessity, not a luxury. As artists, we are strongly convinced that our effort holds great spiritual value and communicates a much-needed message, an ingredient vital to individual and community health and growth.
  • Choral music is relevant. Our work confronts the question, “What value does this music have for us, here in 21st Century America?” We answer with an artistic approach that takes the historical, spiritual, musical, and cultural context in which the music was created, and highlights its relevance for our time.
  • Choral music engenders contemplation and growth. Informed by analysis and scholastic training, we pursue our interpretative ideas, refine them with the critical thinking of the latest research and the most rigorous published scholarship that we can comprehend, and present our product in life-giving performances that touch our audiences deeply, and stir in them, and us, contemplation of the most significant human experiences.
  • Our focus is on sharing our gifts of music, knowledge, and experience, with audience members, emerging, and seasoned professional musicians. We strive for performances that cause both musician and audience to think and re-think human relationships, the world in which we live together, and how we live in the community.
  • We hold ourselves to the same standard of excellence in our personal, professional, organizational, administrative, and leadership capacities, as we do in our artistic capacity.
  • We believe that choral music is a catalyst for public dialogue, and that shared cultural experiences like the ones we provide contribute to a sense of place and communal identity. We believe music, especially choral singing, brings people together in community, and is itself a symbol of community.
  • We are committed to anti-racism, and are striving to create opportunities for professional musicians of color in all projects through operationalizing access, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Our Strategic Plan is available here. Nuestro Plan Estrattégico está disponible aquí.