Spring 2021

choral concerts in washington

Dear Friends of ChorSymphonica,

ChorSymphonica is now at a crossroads due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have pressed pause from our normal pursuits during this time, and are pursuing reflection, analysis, and future planning. Meanwhile, we invite you to view our new Blog series, “Conversation Concert Archives,” in which we present an online version of our popular “Conversation Concert” series, with illustrations and sound clips from our archive of live performance recordings. Each blog post is designed to be a brief read, and will cover a part of a complete work. When we have posted the entire work, we’ll compile all the blog posts in that series into one whole entry, and start the next offering.

Although we are prohibited from rehearsing or performing at this time, since Montgomery County is still in Phase II of recovery, we are exploring possibilities for future music making. Stay tuned for updates, and please enjoy our new blog, along with the rest of our website.

Let’s get through this!
Stay safe,

Richard Allen Roe
Conductor, ChorSymphonica
Artistic Director, The Rockville Bach Academy, Inc.

Ronald R. Duquette
Board Of Directors
The Rockville Bach Academy, Inc.